We Help Businesses Improve Performance Through Learning & Technology.

Training as a Service.

At badarom, training is much more than the transfer of information. We believe that training should be professional, interesting and should enhance long-term effectiveness.

That’s why we use the most effective training techniques, and our instructors are experienced training professionals with extensive technological backgrounds.

Combining these skills ensures the highest level of professionalism.

We are your long-term natural partners. If for a development project or to manage your entire Organizational & Customer Development department.


“We are getting excellent feedback on our training courses… with Badarom we maintain our high-quality training”


Shimi Gil

Project Manager

“From my experience, Badarom delivers the highest quality of training services. Starting with the ability to understand our customers’ complex business processes all the way through to the development of engaging and effective e-learning modules, Badarom’s work is always top tier.”

Maya Alon

Customer Learning

“If you are looking to develop complex workflows involving the integration of multiple systems, I would highly recommend Badarom Technologies”​


Udi Gilboa

Operations Director

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