How We Do It?

Training as a Service


Discovering Your Needs

First, we need to identify your critical business issues.

We do this by conducting comprehensive discovery sessions with all the relevant stakeholders in your organization.

Our discovery methodology is aimed to provide complete visibility into your processes and procedures, ensuring future training will address areas with the highest business impact.


Designing a


Once we understand your needs, we design learner focused solutions to meet them.

Our solutions vary from classic classroom training and self-paced courses, to virtual reality environments or plain old paper job-aids.

By the end of this phase, a custom solution for your target audience is outlined, ensuring an effective learning experience.


Building a Working Relationship

Our learning experts are embedded within your business units in order to investigate and consolidate the content they require to develop the training materials.

During this content investigation phase, our experts begin to form a working relationship with your own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the materials being developed.

Clear and effective communication with your SMEs is essential to the success of the project.



Based on the solution design, and in cooperation with your SMEs, our development team creates the necessary training materials.

Our visual artists create graphics that are aligned with your brand, and which are aimed to create engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences.

Our learning experts produce the training materials using cutting edge authoring tools and design methodologies. Graphics, narrations, games, and much more come together to form a complete training kit, ready to be delivered.


Driving Your Training Operation

Once the training solution is developed, the journey can begin.
We provide complete end-to-end training operation administration:

  • Delivering training to your target audiences
  • Continuously measuring effectiveness and learner satisfaction
  • Creating new training courses and updating existing ones
  • Managing scheduling & registration
  • And much much more

When Badarom is behind the wheel, your training operation stops being a business requirement and becomes a business advantage.

Share your vision, we’ll get you there.

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